Twitter Sunk Woman’s Award After Car Crash

“Carefree Twitter messages about traveling and partying held down damages awarded by a Gwinnett County State Court jury to a woman who was injured in a car accident, said attorneys in the case. The jury returned a $237,000 verdict—apportioned down to $142,000—to plaintiff Omiesha Daniels, far less than the $1.1 million she had sought. The Twitter messages talked about an ‘epic weekend’ in New Orleans and showed pictures of herself with friends at a beach for spring break, Cruser said. The Twitter posts gave the jury the impression that Daniels wasn’t really injured, said her attorney, Michael Goldberg of Fried Rogers Goldberg. ‘There was nothing she posted that was different from what she said she could do, but with the jury we had, there was some concern that if they gave this girl a large reward, she was going to go out and party later. It’s not a hard argument to make to a very conservative jury,’ Goldberg said.”