Social Media Case Law Update: Volume of Cases Accelerating

This article covers three notable cases in the world of social media: (1) Bland v. Roberts, 2012 WL 1428198 (E.D. VA, Apr. 24, 2012), which extensively litigated the implications of “liking” specific items on Facebook, (2) People v. Harris, 2012 WL 1381238 (N.Y. Crim. Ct. Apr. 20, 2012), which establishes that users have no expectation of privacy and no proprietary interest in their Tweets, and (3) Loporcaro v. City of New York and Perfetto Contracting Company, 35 Misc.3d 1209(A), (N.Y.Sup. Ct. Apr. 9, 2012), where the claimant’s public Facebook postings contradicted their assertions of serious injury, the court granted the Defense’s motion to compel production of the Plaintiff’s full Facebook account.