Mojdeh v. Jamshid (Supreme Court, Kings County)

A court appointed neutral determined value of the wife’s internal medicine license at $361,000 and its value was accepted by both parties. The husband’s contention that he is entitled to an equitable distribution of this asset resulted in an award of 5% of the enhanced earnings value totaling $18,050. This was substantiated by the fact that the defendant-husband made minimal financial contributions to the marriage and failed to provide evidence of the contrary. The court determined that the plaintiff completed medical school in India prior to meeting the defendant and passed the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam based on her own ability and perseverance. Additionally, the wife’s completion of a gastroenterology fellowship, although commenced during the marriage, was completed post commencement of the action and the EEC valuation did not include such a calculation of this enhanced education. The husband is denied any distribution of this asset.