JORDAN v. JORDAN (Appellate Division 3rd Dep’t)

Since the issuance of a court order in 2000, the defendant-husband has provided the plaintiff-wife $1,057 biweekly for maintenance and $3,573 biweekly for child support, totaling just over $10,000 per month in support payments.

The plaintiff-wife commences an action 12 years later seeking to increase such support
payments to $14,000 per month. Upon review of the circumstances, the Supreme Court
found that the husband had continued to pay the child support in the 2000 order despite the emancipation of three of the couple’s four children. Furthermore, the court noted the
husband’s other family contributions to date, the respective financial conditions of both
parties, and the wife’s financial needs. In conclusion, the Court found that “[e]ven a cursory
examination” reveals that the wife is able to meet her reasonable expenses with the amount she is currently receiving pursuant to the 2000 order and the Appellate Court affirms.