Ex-Employee Keeps Twitter Work Following, But Social Media Ownership Issue Lingers

PhoneDog and its former employee, Noah Kravitz, who continued using a company Twitter profile when he left to join a competitor, have settled a San Francisco federal case over who is entitled to the account’s followers. Kravitz will maintain sole custody of the Twitter profile. Other terms of the settlement were kept confidential. Social media has created a vexing business environment where employees often use social media accounts for company and personal purposes. “Good contracts and specific work agreements are important, and the responsibility for constructing them lies with both parties,” said Kravitz. “[Kravitz] had the keys to the company gold,” Hyman, the attorney, said of Kravitz’s large Twitter following. “But the company didn’t have anything on paper, so when he left, they were headed down the road to litigation. Organizations need to have something in writing,” he added. “They should have protocols in place for what to do when an employee leaves.”