Enhanced Earnings Calculations

Central to every matrimonial matter is the question of the value of the marital estate. While there are various tangible measures of worth, there are some that are more subtle – and thus more contestable. The calculation of “enhanced earnings capacity” is one such measure. Consequently, it is imperative that it be calculated methodically and accurately by certified professionals to produce credible and defensible valuations.

Klein Liebman & Gresen, LLC’s professionals hold numerous certifications that attest to their combined expertise in the area of valuations. In addition, our Firm takes a careful approach to gathering the supporting information that shapes the outcome of enhanced earnings calculations. To this end we consider the future values of advanced education degrees or specialized training, as well as other factors that impact earnings potential such as gender, geographic area, field of business or employment, and experience. In this way, Klein Liebman & Gresen, LLC brings both clarity and credibility to enhanced earnings calculations.